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You can understand where someone is coming from, or you have a better idea of people at work and what they want from you. Or you have a better understanding of specific trends and what people want to see on social media. This can be a favorable time for those of you in real estate.

Or this can be delving more into your spirituality, or you can be quitting bad habits. You can feel excited about starting new projects, or you can be stepping out of your routine today. Spending time out with friends. You have a great sense of timing today. This a fun energy time for you. The energy today is so positive for you. This can be certain situations working out last minute, or significant improvements happening in certain areas of your life today.

For some you, you can be willing to go in a different career direction. OR you can be starting your own business today.


You can find yourself doing more at work, or on the social media to stand out or away from the sheep. This can be a beautiful time for thoughts to become things. Or this can be a popular energy time for you, and you can find yourself being invited out by your friends. You can be starting new hobbies or starting new creative projects. You tend to get right to the heart of the matter of things. Or you can have other people's situations figured out. And you understand where they are coming from.

You love to talk about subject matters that are controversial or taboo. This is a time of self-empowerment. You have an opportunity to get control of difficult habits that are hard for you to break. When you do this, it's going to lead to personal transformation. Expect the unexpected today when it comes to career because this can be your hard work and perseverance paying off. For some of you, you may not realize, but the seeds you planted in the past may come to fruition today.

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Because you were right in regards to particular situation going on at work. For some of you, you can be reevaluating your situation or taking some initiative and making certain changes at this time.

Cancer february 10 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

I see you realizing that something has to give or change, but you know you are going to have the be the change. You can be very original and unique in your way of thinking. You don't like people figuring you out today, so you can change things up for them, and keep them guessing. You love the latest and greatest in technology.

You can get excited about the changes coming up at work. You need to dial back the masculine energy today because you can come off as to aggressive.

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Not the best day for debates because they can go too far. Someone may not be listening to you, and that's okay; sometimes people need to fall on their face first before they look to you. For some of you, you may not be getting along with the women in your life.

For others of you, this can be a move happening for work. You need to be careful with certain people in your life. They may not have your back, or they can turn on you. Careful with gossiping or people you call friends. Don't bank on certain people coming through for you, or assume others are going to give you things. Sometimes you need to take the initiative and do it yourself. It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Don't think nothing is a sure thing, especially when it comes on relying on others. You need to watch your emotional self.

You can take things too personally, or you can be a stickler for the rules. If people are bending the rules around you. Show them some slack and let them bend the rules. Today get along for the sake of getting along. For some of you be about the future, especially in regards to money. Because you can be over the top in your spending and borrowing from the future.

You need to step back and listen to other people. Because even though you may be right. You may be going about things the wrong, or taking the harder route to get to where you want to be. This can be a case of you may not know what you are talking about. Make sure to listen to the whole story or understand the situation and the little parts that go to the story.

Because you think you know, but you don't. You can feel used by certain people in your life because of all you have done for them. Or you can be looking for recognition at work, and you may not be receiving it today. For some of you, you can be making some radical changes in your life. Your way of thinking or your outlook on life can be changing, or you can be leaving behind certain things that no longer apply to your life.

You can be overthinking certain situations, and making mountains out of moles hills. When really there is nothing there but your own fears to contend with. Try to keep in your present, and be about the facts. You can take yourself way to seriously today. Try to go more with the flow. Expect things not to go as planned and work on just letting it be. You can be romanticizing certain friendships or even alliances at work. You can be to trusting of others, leaving yourself open to disappointment. You need to put yourself on that pedestal. You may also start reeavaluating your situations or particular people in your life.

Because you can see that they don't have your best interest at heart. You can be more about your social life, or friends proving their loyalty to you. Or you benefit through other people making things happen for you. For some of you, this is individual goals that you want to happen come to fruition. You can be more about your community, or participating in specific causes and seeing people come together to help specific purposes today.

Someone can put you on the spot today. Guilt you into something you don't want to do. You can have a difficult time saying NO to other people. Speak up today, because you can find that other people are listening to your suggestion, and being more open mind to your ideas.

Birthday Horoscope August 22 2018

You may not be getting along with your mother today or the women in your life. For some of you, you can be looking for people from your past and adding them to your social media page or just curious to see their page and what they 've been up to you. You can be pretty moody with this energy, or you allow petty arguements or unexpected bills to ruin your day.

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Capricorn january 6 weekly horoscope by marie moore

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